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Reducing Braces Pain

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Reducing Dental Braces Pain

One of the most common questions that people come into the office to ask when they receive braces is about the measures that are involved in reducing braces pain. Yes, most patients are going to feel some measure of discomfort as a result of the tightening of the wires; however, patients should also remember that this pain will fade away gradually over the course of a couple of days following a braces adjustment.

Over the Counter Medication is the First Step in Reducing Braces Pain

The mantra in the medical field when it comes to pain management is to start low and go slow. For patients who are having difficulty making it through those first couple of days with tighter braces, consider an over the counter pain reliever. These medications are safe to use as instructed on the package and do not require a prescription from a medical provider to get. They have relatively few, if any, side effects and can help to take the edge off of the discomfort that patients feel with tight braces.


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Try Chewing a Tough Substance

While patients need to think about the sugar content and the density of the food before reaching for this aid, patients may feel more comfortable if they chew something like a tough wafer. This is similar to the teething process that toddlers go through because it can help to stimulate blood flow to the area in pain. The hormones and cytokines that will flow through the bloodstream to this location will be helpful in numbing the pain that patients feel. Try chewing on a tough food to help the pain dissipate.

Dealing with Sores in the Mouth

Some patients are going to develop pain with braces that isn’t related to the tightness of the braces at all. Braces are hard and metallic. The brackets and wires have the potential to cut open the sides of the mouth while patients are talking and eating. If this happens repeatedly, sores can start to develop that produce pain when they come into contact with acidic, hot, or spicy foods. For help dealing with these sores, there are a handful of rinses or anesthetics that can be used to remove the pain associated with these sores. Ask an orthodontist for more information.

Pain Reduction is a Cornerstone of Braces

While some discomfort is to be expected with braces, no patient should have to be in a significant amount of pain. There are many different tools that orthodontists and patients can use when it comes to reducing braces pain. These include over the counter medications, chewing aids, and even rinses that are used to remove the pain from sores. There are many tools at people’s disposal and patients should feel free to call and schedule an appointment with an orthodontist for more information. Nobody should have to be in pain.


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