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What Our Patients Say

Nasser R.

5 Stars

I couldn’t thank Dr. Hourfar for being the most patient Dentist I have met in my life. His attention to detail and his calm demeanor has made him a favorite Dentist in my family. He has just completed the treatement plan for my 16 yr old son and I cannot be more pleased at the outcome. My sons teeth are 100% better than what they were.We have out daughter also seeing him and she loves going for her visits . I can tell you if you have kids who need Braces take them to Dr. Hourfar. I thank Dr. Hourfar and his dental staff for their diligent and hard work and for providing a service which is above and beyond that i have experienced.

Leyla C.

5 Stars

Elara is the best orthodontics!!! I always thought braces would hurt when they put them on but gladly they didn’t hurt! Dr.Sara is my favorite doctor in there I love her hard work! She did so great , you know what’s really badass that they are doing your braces and your watching avengers.in my opinion that’s really cool. Their staff is really friendly, and I love Shay in the front desk!! A real nice woman! Really good work here guys!!

Chuck C.

5 Stars

Dr. Abedini is one of the most caring individuals alive. She’s not just a great person, she is a fantastic orthodontist. I would take my own children to her in a heartbeat. I worked closely with her for years and she treated me…an orthodontist. So if you want exceptional treatment, go see the orthodontist’s orthodontist!

Jonesha H.

5 Stars

I absolutely love Dr. Sara!!!!! After being told over and over, refused by other doctors she corrected my under bite WITHOUT surgery. She actually takes what I want into consideration. Did I mention the pricing is amazing! I would recommend her without hesitation. Where has she been all my life?! You wont regret it!!

Jessica F.

5 Stars

Dr Hourfar did an amazing job on my smile! I spent my whole life ashamed of my crooked teeth but never again! Not to mention my TMJ issues are completely gone!!! Thanks to him I can smile big! He is very good at what he does and he is funny too. If he can fix my crazy crooked snaggle toothed grin he can fix yours too! And now he’s working on my daughter. In less than a year her smile is already nearly perfect! I highly recommend!! Thank you Dr Hourfar. You’re my angel and my life will never be the same.