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Living With Braces

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While You Are Living With Braces:

Once the braces are in place, it is important that the patients understand what the braces are doing, why they are important, and how to properly take care of them. Educating patients about the various facets of living with braces will help ensure that a proper result is delivered when they are removed.


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Eating with Braces

When patients eat with braces, it is important to understand that a special diet is required. Patients should take care to avoid eating sticky, sugary food that could get stuck under the wires and brackets. Excessively hard food has the potential to break wires and brackets, creating an oral health emergency.

Oral Hygiene While Living with Braces

While patients have braces on, their morning and evening routine is likely to change slightly. Patients should take care to brush every surface of each tooth as well as the brackets. In addition, patients should invest in specialized flossers that have the stiffness to get under the wires and brackets to clean the braces appropriately.

Reducing the Pain of Braces

Patients may find that the braces are uncomfortable during the first few days after having the initial placement and having the braces tightened. Patients may find it helpful to chew on something firm or take some over the counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen. This can help alleviate some of the discomfort safely.

Sports and Braces

Many patients who have braces like to remain active and play sports. Patients should take care to avoid any trauma to the mouth region because this could dislodge a bracket of break a wire. Patients engaging in contact sports may want to invest in a specialized mouth guard to protect the investment of living with braces.

Braces Emergencies

Sometimes, an emergency comes up with the braces. This could include a broken bracket or wire along with a dislodged tooth. If parents or patients have concerns about their braces, it is best to contact an oral health professionals as soon as possible to have the braces and the rest of the mouth examined.


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