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Elara Orthodontics in Pecan Grove, TX

While many people associate orthodontic dental care services as something reserved for kids and teenagers, the truth is that orthodontics is for people of any age at any point in their lives—even if you’ve been to an orthodontist before. For that reason, Elara Orthodontics is expanding from Richmond to provide orthodontics in Pecan Grove, TX! For kids, we help monitor the development of their jaw and teeth so that they can be corrected toward healthy positions and ensure kids are set up for success for their future dental needs. For adults, it’s not uncommon for your teeth or jaw to shift over the course of your life, so you may need to come back and have your teeth looked at once more—just like going to a general dentist!

Our orthodontics office prides itself on embracing modern advances in dentistry, ensuring that we can provide various options for patients to consider with their orthodontist. Many patients dread the orthodontist because many traditional solutions are intrusive and burdensome, but alternatives like Invisalign provide a more subtle and comfortable solution. This can help with the feelings of self-consciousness many kids and adults alike experience from traditional braces and makes hygiene much easier, as transparent aligners can be removed at will.

For advanced orthodontics in Pecan Grove, TX, there’s no better choice than Elara Orthodontics! Get in contact with us today over the phone or online to set up your appointment. Our prime hours are in the morning—before school and typical working hours—as well as into the evening so that we can conform to your schedule and make dental care services more accessible to everyone. Visiting the orthodontist should be neither intimidating nor embarrassing, so we will work with you to find the right solution that is both effective and comfortable for your needs.