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Children’s Braces in Rosenberg, TX

When a child gets orthodontic work, it’s a sign of growing up, and you want an orthodontic service provider that really takes care of you. Elara Orthodontics serves the Rosenberg, TX, community by providing children’s braces and other orthodontic services to our neighbors. From around age seven and onward, your child may need to visit an orthodontist, and we can help you navigate this time with your child. We will treat these next few years delicately; we will monitor jaw growth and bite development to see any adjustments or treatments your child may need.

We provide various options for braces and will work with you to determine what will be best for you or your children. Metal, Esthetic Iconix colored braces, clear ceramic, lingual, and clear aligners are all available options for braces. Depending on your needs and the work to be done, we can explore different looks and models for which children’s braces will be most comfortable for your child.

Benefits to Early Orthodontic Care

If seen early enough, there are several benefits to regular orthodontic visits. We can identify protruded teeth, correct harmful habits, and guide teeth into more aesthetically attractive positions while the jaw is still growing. Adjustments like these are much more difficult to correct once the jaw is settled.

We have flexible scheduling, with hours available on weekends or early in the mornings and into the evenings. Our team understands the needs of working parents, and we’re willing to have the times you need to make your orthodontic visits convenient for your schedule. Get the right children’s braces for your family with as little stress as possible when you work with us. As your local orthodontist, bringing beautiful smiles to children in our community is always our main goal. We guarantee your satisfaction with all our work as well. If you have any concerns about our services, let us know, and we will make things right.