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How Much Do Braces Cost in Richmond Texas?

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Braces Cost in Richmond Texas

Braces cost in Richmond, Texas cost between $3700 to $7100 or more depending on the location and treatments needed. Considering braces for yourself or your child, the question about the price of braces is often one of the first things that come to mind. If you want to know how much braces would cost or if you are curious about the factors determining your total or monthly spending on braces, you are not alone!

Many patients are not quite sure if the price that their orthodontist is asking for is fair and reasonable. Many who want to get braces do not know how to compare different options that are available to them. read more to learn about Braces Cost in Richmond Texas.

How much do braces cost in texas?

According to a comprehensive fee report published by the National Dental Advisory Service (NADS) in 2020, the average cost for braces ranges from $3700 to $7100 nationwide. Based on a local survey that we did in Houston, on the average orthodontic patients in Sugarland, Richmond, and Katy areas usually spend $4500 to $6500 for braces according to the same report. This includes Kids and adult braces prices, and is the braces cost without insurance.

This is just the average cost of orthodontics. The actual treatment cost for an individual may well fall beyond this range, depending on the case. As you will see, the price of braces depends on many factors including, the age of the patient, complexity of the orthodontic problem, length of orthodontic treatment, and type of braces or other orthodontic appliances used. The area you live and the dental office you chose also matter. If you have dental insurance, you will discover that not all insurances are the same when it comes to covering the cost of braces for you or your child. It also matters if the provider of the braces that you chose is in-network or out-of-network with your insurance.

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Length of orthodontic treatment

You may have heard that orthodontic treatment is a two-year process. That is of course just partially true. Several cases that have significant issues with their bite and alignment of the teeth may need to stay in braces for a couple of years. Orthodontists and insurance companies call these “comprehensive orthodontic treatments”. But not all people need to spend two full years in braces. Some patients generally have correct bites and are only concerned about minor misalignment of their front teeth. Some have even had orthodontic treatment before, but their teeth have slightly shifted over the years as they did not use their retainers the way they should. In these mild cases, it may take only a few months to straighten the teeth and fix the problem. The cost for braces in these “limited orthodontic treatments” may not be as much when compared to more complicated cases. According to NDAS, the cost of limited braces in the geographical areas with zip prefix 774 (areas such as Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Aliana, etc.) can be anywhere from $2200 to $4700. While the more comprehensive braces in the same areas often cost $5000 to $6300.

The complexity of Orthodontic Problem

When you go to a busy orthodontic office, you see people with all sorts of orthodontic problems coming to their monthly appointments. In addition to crooked or spaced teeth, many people have difficulties with their bites. They may suffer from issues such as excessive overjet, underbite, crossbite, etc. Ideally, the upper and lower teeth and jaws should maintain proper three-dimensional alignment for adequate function and aesthetics. Depending on the case, this alignment may be impaired in one, two, or all three dimensions. Sometimes the problem only involves teeth, and sometimes it goes deeper and involves the jaws as well. As you see, there is a wide variety of complexity for orthodontic problems. The more complex the orthodontic problem is, the more costly braces get for two reasons. First, complicated cases need lengthier orthodontic treatments. Second, complicated cases may require additional appliances that should be added to the treatment and go along with braces to increase treatment efficiency. These other appliances usually add to the overall cost of the braces. Just as an example, placement of a temporary anchorage device (TAD), a tool needed in some very complicated orthodontic cases, may roughly add $1500 to $2000 to the overall cost of braces.

Age of the Orthodontic Patient

Both orthodontists and insurance companies differentiate between children and adults when it comes to calculating the fees for braces. Usually, the cost of braces for adults is higher than in children. There are several reasons why this may be the case.

Generally speaking, teeth move faster in children and younger patients. Therefore, the overall length of orthodontic treatment is expected to be shorter in younger patients when compared with adults.

Children and younger patients are still growing when they get braces. Orthodontists often use and manipulate this growth to expand the jaws or correct other problems that patients may have with their jaws. Lack of growth in adult patients eliminates this opportunity and makes it much more challenging to treat the jaws when needed.

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Type of Braces

It has been over a hundred years since orthodontic braces were first introduced. Today’s braces come in all shapes and sizes, providing a wide variety of options available to both orthodontists and patients. Three main factors affect how expensive a set of orthodontic braces could be:

  1. The type of material used
  2. The simplicity or complexity of the design
  3. If they are mass-produced or custom-made for the patient

Traditional metal braces are more straightforward in design, made out of stainless steel and are mass-produced, which make them less costly to manufacture. As such, conventional metal braces are the most affordable, or in other words, the most “cost-effective” way of getting braces today.

Who the Provider Is and Where You get Braces:

If you have already been to a few orthodontic or dental offices for a consultation, you may have realized that prices may differ from place to place. So why do you get different estimates from different dental offices and orthodontists? More importantly, how to decide if the price is fair and how to choose among your options?

As mentioned before, there is a multitude of factors that determine the price of orthodontic treatment. When you see different orthodontists, most commonly, they all agree on diagnosis or what the problem is. However, when it comes to treatment planning, different dentists may suggest different solutions. They may have different estimates of treatment length or different opinions on what type of braces need to be used.

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