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What is Surgical Orthodontics?

There are a wide variety of orthodontics available and one of the options that many patients can benefit from is called surgical orthodontics. This is a specialty of orthodontics that corrects a variety of problems with the jaw that can improve patients’ abilities to eat, talk, and breathe. It can also be used to improve a patient’s facial appearance. This will ensure that the teeth are in the proper position.

Surgical Orthodontics
Surgical Orthodontics

Who needs Surgical Orthodontics?

There are many different orthodontic problems out there ranging from teeth placement to bite problems and everything in between; however, there are several criteria that will impact whether or not a patient is a candidate for surgery. Patients are usually adult patients who are done growing with concerns for the appearance of their face. This means that girls are typically around the age of 16 and boys are around the age of 18. The jaw must be done growing before surgery can be performed. If the jaw continues to grow, this can throw off the treatment results.

Explaining The Surgical Treatment

The treatment process starts with patients meeting with a trained professional to discuss their case. This includes the problems that they are experiencing and the variety of treatment options that are available to address their concerns. The patient will go over the various risks and benefits of the treatment options and discuss what kind of results can be realistically expected on the other side. This could take place over several treatment sessions to ensure that the needs of the patient are being met by the professional. If surgery is deemed the best option, the care will move forward.

On the Day of Surgery

If patients elect to go the surgical route, the surgery will take place in a hospital with a trained oral surgeon. Depending on the type of surgery being performed, this could take up to several hours. Care and precision is important in the operating room and patients need to have their safety taken care of first. The jawbone will be separated from the rest of the face and adjusted either backward or forward. The same can be done with the upper jaw. The facial bones could be repositioned to ensure functionality and appearance are maximized.

Recovering from Surgery

Once the patient has completed surgery, the initial recovery process with take a couple of weeks. After this, the patient should be able to resume school of work. It will take anywhere from four to eight weeks for the jaw to heal completely. It is possible that the patient may require braces to ensure that the bite is exactly where the patient wants it. Any patients with questions about oral surgery and surgical orthodontics should contact a professional today to schedule an appointment. After this, patients will be able to enjoy a brand new smile.


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