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What Are Dentofacial Orthopedics

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The Field of Dentofacial Orthopedics

The world of orthodontics is a complex area of dentistry with many different subsets that can address a variety of issues facing patients of all ages. Orthodontics addresses concerns regarding the relationship between the jaw, the teeth, and the face. One of the specialties of orthodontics is called Dentofacial Orthopedics and can address a variety of patient concerns.

Surgical Orthodontics

Many Problems are Addressed with Dentofacial Orthopedics

This specialty of orthodontics addresses patient concerns regarding the alignment of the teeth in relationship to the dental arches, called the maxilla (the upper jaw that connects to the face) and the mandible (the lower jaw that moves when people speak or swallow). This specialty goes through a variety of tests to properly diagnose the patient problems, prevent further problems from developing, the intercepting acute problems that may already be in play. There are different abnormalities that could develop as the jaw grows and develops that this specialty of orthodontics is in position to address.

The Training to Specialize in this Field

After completing college, those desiring to pursue a career in this specialty of orthodontics must first complete four years of dental school. After graduating, students that go on and complete a residency that lasts three years to become accredited orthodontic specialists. After this, further training must be completed to learn how to operate in this specific subset of orthodontics. Given the intense training that is require to enter this field, patients can relax knowing that they are receiving care from some of the most competent professionals that the field has to offer.

Comprehensive Care from Start to Finish

When patients have problems with their jaw, such as malocclusion, it is important to settle on a single provider that will be there to help the patient from start to finish. This includes meeting for the first time to discuss the potential problems, diagnosing the problem properly, discussing the various treatment options (including the risks and benefits), and completing the treatment plan as discussed. After this, patients will follow up with this provider to make sure that the results met expectations. It is also important to preserve the work that has been completed with proper oral care.

Reaching out to an Orthodontists early

If patients have concerns regarding their jaw or their facial alignment with relationship to their teeth, it is important to address these problems early. The earlier the issues can be addressed, the faster the problem can be corrected and the quicker a patient’s life can be improved. Patients who wait to address these problems may allow the issue to worsen and impact their quality of life. For this reason, patients with concerns should schedule an appointment to visit with our dentofacial Orthopedic expert. It could make a significant difference in their overall oral health.


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