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Elara Orthodontics in Stafford, Texas

Expanding from our hometown of Richmond, we’re now offering our advanced orthodontics in Stafford, Texas, for anyone of any age to take advantage of. While many assume braces and other orthodontic procedures are something only teenagers and kids need, the truth is that anyone of any age could find themselves in need of teeth correction services—even if you’ve gone through braces and other procedures in the past. Regardless, there’s no shame in undergoing orthodontic treatments at older ages; it’s just part of taking good care of yourself! To make it easier, our dental care services offer a variety of solutions and techniques thanks to the advancements made in orthodontics, including Invisalign. These alternative solutions may be right for you, as they are often more comfortable and subtle than traditional solutions, like wire and bracket braces.

We know that orthodontic procedures like bracket and wire braces, expanders, and more can feel invasive and embarrassing because of how noticeable they are. To help solve this, you can inquire with your orthodontist about a braces consultation for options like Invisalign that provide the same benefits as traditional braces while remaining more subtle and comfortable thanks to the fact they’re removable. A more practical benefit is that they’re far easier to clean and maintain than traditional braces, which make it difficult for individuals to floss and brush thoroughly.

If you have any questions about our orthodontics in Stafford, Texas, then please get in contact with us today! You can contact us both over the phone and online, and our prime hours are in the morning, before school or regular work hours, and well into the evening to ensure we can adapt to your schedule. Our dental care services are within your reach, and our experienced experts are ready to help you achieve the dental health you deserve.