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Common Bite Problems

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A Variety of Common Bite Problems

When patients are coming in to visit an orthodontist, there are a number of common bite problems that a patient could be diagnosed with. These are all problems that have the potential to cause patients a significant amount of distress and can be handled with orthodontic care. Patients who have questions about the various types of bite problems may find important information below.

Common Bite Problems & Crowding Teeth

Sometimes, patients have teeth that come in close together due to a variety of reasons, including having extra teeth or having a mouth that is too small to fit the teeth. The problems with having teeth that are overcrowded is that the teeth can be damaged, difficult clean, and make it hard to eat. With proper orthodontic care, the teeth can not only be spread out be even straightened into a beautiful smile that patients can be proud of. An orthodontist can discuss the various treatment options for crowded teeth.


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Some Patients have an Open Bite

An open bite is a type of orthodontic problem where the teeth do not touch when the patient closes his or her mouth. This can arise due to a variety of reasons including excessive sucking of the thumb as a child and other genetic jaw problems. When the teeth do not touch, it can make it challenging to both eat and speak, contributing to significant social and quality of life issues. With orthodontic care, this open bite problem can be corrected and give patients the smile that they had always dreamt of.

Teeth Spacing

Another common orthodontic problem that can be corrected with braces involves the spacing of the teeth themselves. It’s not uncommon for patients to visit the orthodontist and have gaps in their smile that could be affecting the care of their teeth and their social life. With a variety of solutions available, these gaps can be closed and patients can enjoy their new smile. For more information on these various bite problems, contact an oral health professional today to schedule an appointment. Patients deserve to have these common bite problems addressed.


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