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Expanding from our roots in Richmond, Elara Orthodontics strives to bring high-quality orthodontic treatments to the greater Texas area. In particular, our Sugarland orthodontic services are here to offer our aid to kids and adults alike by correcting their teeth and earning themselves a winning smile. At our new Sugarland orthodontic services clinic, we provide a full range of options, from traditional braces to clear aligners, to help you find the best method of dental correction for you. Having options available does wonders for soothing patient anxiety about orthodontic treatments and gives them greater agency over their treatment than if we were to only offer traditional wire and bracket braces. For many, their major concern with traditional braces relates back to how it’ll affect their self-esteem. For this reason, we endorse Invisalign as an alternative method of treatment that is much more subtle and less intrusive thanks to its transparent color and ability to be removed at any time.

We also understand that life is simply busy, no matter how old you are or what your circumstances may be. For this reason, our Richmond and Sugarland orthodontic services alike provide flexible appointments that help fit your dental health into any busy schedule. For this reason, never put off your dental health! Simply call us or create an online appointment that best fits your or your child’s schedule, and we’ll work with you to ensure we find an agreeable time for your appointment.

If you are hesitant to make use of an orthodontist, we encourage you to look at the customer testimonials on our website! Our former patients have only ever been satisfied with our services, and hearing the accounts of other patients can do wonders to soothe the anxiety and fear many people have surrounding dentists and orthodontists.


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Dr. Sara is one of the most qualified, experienced orthodontists that I know! She has written multiple research papers and also has a PHD. She is the only one that I feel comfortable to treat my daughter’s teeth.

Bita S.
The customer service and friendly atmosphere at Elara is top notch. From my consultation to the day I got my braces on, everyone has been great and helpful. I wish I could remember everyone’s name, but Kerry and Dr. Abedini are super polite, and will take the time to discuss your treatment plan with you. The office atmosphere is modern and sleek , but still comfortable. Most importantly, their services are affordable 🙏🏾
I absolutely love Dr. Sara!!!!! After being told over and over, refused by other doctors she corrected my under bite WITHOUT surgery. She actually takes what I want into consideration. Did I mention the pricing is amazing! I would recommend her without hesitation. Where has she been all my life?! You wont regret it!!
Jonesha H.
Elara is the best orthodontics!!! I always thought braces would hurt when they put them on but gladly they didn’t hurt! Dr.Sara is my favorite doctor in there I love her hard work! She did so great , you know what’s really cool that they are doing your braces and your watching my opinion that’s really cool. Their staff is really friendly, and I love Shay in the front desk!! A real nice woman! Really good work here guys!!
Leyla C.