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Elara Orthodontics has begun to spread from our roots in Richmond to bring advanced orthodontics to Aliana and many other Texas locales. We have professional orthodontists and pediatric orthodontists to best serve both adult and child patients because no matter what age you are, you’re never too old or young to have your teeth corrected and improved for a better and healthier smile. We do understand, however, that (no matter your age) you’re likely busy between the responsibilities of work and school, so we ensure our prime hours are early in the morning before schools start and, in the evenings, until 7 p.m. to ensure working adults don’t need to compromise their work routine to fit their dental health into their schedule.

When you come to us for advanced orthodontics in Aliana, TX, you’ll find that you or your child has more options than you may expect. For instance, while we still have traditional braces readily available, we also offer clear aligners that offer a more subtle solution. A common fear with wire and bracket braces is that they’ll be unseemly and distracting, and they often become a source of self-consciousness for kids and adults alike. You can also remove clear aligners at will to make eating and daily hygiene much easier without the risk of anything getting stuck in your aligners.

If you’re looking for advanced orthodontics in Aliana, TX, you can easily contact us over the phone or by setting up your appointment online. This ensures the process is as easy and convenient as possible, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the best appointment time for your busy schedule. If you’re not yet convinced, however, you can first check out the testimonials of our past patients. Whether they visit our normal orthodontists or our pediatric orthodontists, our patients have always left satisfied and feeling confident about their smiles.


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Dr. Sara is one of the most qualified, experienced orthodontists that I know! She has written multiple research papers and also has a PHD. She is the only one that I feel comfortable to treat my daughter’s teeth.

Bita S.
The customer service and friendly atmosphere at Elara is top notch. From my consultation to the day I got my braces on, everyone has been great and helpful. I wish I could remember everyone’s name, but Kerry and Dr. Abedini are super polite, and will take the time to discuss your treatment plan with you. The office atmosphere is modern and sleek , but still comfortable. Most importantly, their services are affordable 🙏🏾
I absolutely love Dr. Sara!!!!! After being told over and over, refused by other doctors she corrected my under bite WITHOUT surgery. She actually takes what I want into consideration. Did I mention the pricing is amazing! I would recommend her without hesitation. Where has she been all my life?! You wont regret it!!
Jonesha H.
Elara is the best orthodontics!!! I always thought braces would hurt when they put them on but gladly they didn’t hurt! Dr.Sara is my favorite doctor in there I love her hard work! She did so great , you know what’s really cool that they are doing your braces and your watching my opinion that’s really cool. Their staff is really friendly, and I love Shay in the front desk!! A real nice woman! Really good work here guys!!
Leyla C.