At some point in their lives, many children go through the process of getting braces to correct their teeth. Despite how common it is, having braces can still be tough, and many children go through periods of discomfort and pain as they get used to them. If your child is currently going through this rite of passage, here are a few simple ways to help your child adjust to braces.

Follow Dietary Instructions

When your child first gets their braces from us in Richmond, TX, we will brief them on what they should avoid eating and provide a few examples of foods that may be ideal for them as they’re adjusting. Foods that are gummy or sticky can present a challenge because they stick easily in braces, while softer foods like soup or applesauce are easy on aching teeth. Help your child follow these dietary instructions by ensuring family meals follow the same advice. Incorporating foods that they can eat into regular meals will keep your child from feeling ostracized as they recover and prevent the temptation to deviate from the orthodontist’s instructions.

The Cleaning Routine

Another simple way to help your child adjust to braces is by helping them develop their new cleaning routine. While their old dental hygiene habits may have been effective before, braces can make brushing their teeth or flossing much more difficult. To account for braces, look for special brushes made to work around braces and between the wires. Regardless, the cleaning process will be a bit more of a hassle, which can be discouraging to kids. Encourage your child to stay on top of their dental hygiene—they really don’t want to add cavities into the mix.

Alleviating Discomfort and Pain

Lastly, the best thing you can do is simply listen to your child and provide solutions when possible. If they’re experiencing a bout of intense pain or discomfort, offer them the appropriate painkiller. If the problem persists, consider scheduling a new appointment with their orthodontist to ensure nothing serious is wrong. Being quick to respond to their concerns will make living with braces so much easier for them.