The confidence and self esteem of an individual is boosted especially when their dental health is okay. However, in some circumstances people may experience challenges associated with their dental wellness. Example is misalignment of the teeth. These challenges however have been solved by the use of dental braces. Dental braces are devices that straighten and align the teeth by correctly positioning them and also improving the dental health. When one first gets braces, there are certain foods they can eat which include: smoothies, oatmeal, cold drinks and soup.

The frequently asked question is: Can you drink soda with braces? Elara Orthodontics is the place to visit for prompt response to such questions. We help the clients familiarize with the braces dos and don’ts and taking care of braces. In addition, we also give them tips to take care of braces. Discussed below are some of the frequently asked questions about braces.

Can I eat hot dogs with braces?

Hot dog is food that consists of a steamed or grilled sausage which is served in a bun that is slightly slit. The preparation of a hot dog varies world- wide. Beef and pork are the traditionally used meats for the preparation of hot dog. Poultry meat can also be used in its preparation. Hot dogs are okay for braces; however, caution needs to be taken when serving children. Kids may have a hard time opening their mouths because of the bands. To enable them eat the hot dog, it should be sliced into small sizes that can fit comfortably. It is therefore true that one can eat hot dogs with braces.

Can you drink soda with braces?

Soda is a carbonated drink made up of chemicals. These chemicals include sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, sodium oxide and soda lime. These chemicals are compounded together to form the drink. When using braces, the question arises whether it is safe to consume this drink. The beauty is that you can drink soda with braces. The most important thing is to take it at low quantities.

This is because soda contains sugars and acid components that may damage the teeth if taken in large quantities. Therefore you can drink soda with braces but we recommend that you limit the amount and frequency of taking soda.

Can you eat gum with braces?

Chewing gum is a soft substance which is designed purposely to be chewed without being swallowed. In the present day, the gum is comprised of sweeteners, colors, flavors, gum base and softeners. We recommend that when you have braces, you should never chew gum that has sugar. Gums that have sugar can cause bacteria to coat the teeth leading to cavities, gum diseases or tooth decay.

We recommend the use of sugarless gum when using braces especially the one that has received approval from ADA. The following steps should be followed for the removal of gum when it sticks on the braces.

These are good tips to care of braces

  • Use a soft toothbrush to get rid of the gum without force to prevent damaging the braces.
  • Secondly, use floss to remove any gum left.
  • Thirdly, brush your teeth gently again.
  • Lastly, rinse thoroughly with warm salt water or mouth wash.

Can I eat popcorn with braces?

Popcorn is a unique corn that expands and puffs especially when subjected under heat. Most of the times, the first salty and light snack we crave for is popcorn. This snack is enjoyable when in theatres or at home watching movies. However, this laxity is curtailed when you have braces. Braces and popcorn do not go hand in hand as listed below:

  • Popcorns scrape the gum.
  • They also break the braces.
  • Finally, popcorn harms the teeth.

Popcorn hulls gets stuck in the teeth and become difficult to remove. Therefore, we advise that it is not good to take popcorn with braces.

Can I eat toast with braces?

Toast can be eaten with braces. However, one needs to take precautions. This is because toast may seem to have no problem with your braces. Sadly, this is not the case as many may think. While biting a toast, you should be careful not to bite with the front teeth. The reason behind this is that the crusty bread may push the braces or even cause the wires to bend. This shortcoming should not be the reason enough for you to stop taking toast. It is a precaution. The best ways to eat toast with braces are:

  • Avoid seeded bread.
  • Use butter to soften.
  • Thirdly, use soft bread.
  • Lastly, rinse your mouth thoroughly after taking toast to wash off the remains.

These also are good tips to care of braces when craving for toast.

Can you eat cereals with braces?

Most cereals are hardened especially when dry. This means that when biting them you will need to apply force in order to break them. When this force is applied on braces, it may cause them to bend or change position. Equally, these cereals when broken down to small pieces may get stuck on the teeth and affect the braces. Therefore, hard crunchy cereals are not good with braces. On the contrary, taking hot cereals with braces is healthy. This is so only during the phase of treatment. We therefore can conclude that cereals may/ not be taken with braces depending on their nature.

Can you eat chips with braces?

You can either eat chips with braces or not. This depends on the nature and type of the chips. There are chips that the orthodontists have allowed to take with braces. They are not fried chips but somehow baked to make them less crunchy. Examples of chips that can be taken with braces are:

  • Veggie sticks.
  • Carrot chips.
  • Kale chips.
  • Potato chips.
  • Cheese puffs.

During the phase of braces treatment there are chips that should be avoided. They include

  • Tortilla chips.
  • Kettle cooked chips.
  • Most fried potato chips.

These chips should be avoided because of their crunchy nature. You can also visit us at Elara Orthodontics for more information on which type of chips is best for your braces.

Can you eat pizza with braces?

In modern world a great population likes eating pizza. So the greatest concern is whether pizza can be eaten with braces. To make a decision, we have some data that you should know in order to make a step. It is indeed true that you can take pizza even when you have braces. The most important thing is to decide on which pizza. The best pizza to take with braces is soft pizza that cannot damage your braces.

It is also important to consider the pizza toppings that come in small bites. These will not damage your braces. However, if you take crunchy pizza with huge toppings, it will damage the braces. Therefore, we can conclude that you can eat pizza with braces depending on its nature.

Can you eat ice cream with braces?

Ice cream is easier to enjoy when out on a date or picnic. Whether or not to take it with braces is of great concern to many. We recommend the eating of ice cream with braces. However, you will experience a deep sensational feeling especially during treatment period. After a few days the sensation will not be felt. Caution should be taken especially on the additives. Hard or crunchy additives are not healthy for braces. In addition, ice cream has sugar. Therefore we recommend that you brush your teeth after taking ice cream. This will help prevent tooth decay. In conclusion, ice cream can be taken with braces provided that it is not crunchy and that the teeth are well brushed.

Can you eat fruit snacks with braces?

Most fruit snacks are not recommended with braces. We give this advice because they are mostly sticky and sugary. Sticky fruits get stuck on the teeth and braces which is not good for oral health. Also, some fruit snacks are hard in nature therefore biting them might break or bend the braces. On the other hand, some fruit snacks such as grapes are brace friendly. They do not stick on the teeth or brace. Therefore, we can conclude that you can eat fruit snacks with braces so long as they are well sliced. Also, fruit snacks can be taken then ensure the teeth are well brushed.

Dos and Don’ts of Caring for your Braces.

Getting braces is important for ensuring your teeth is well aligned. It is important to know how to care for your braces as discussed below as braces dos and don’ts.

Do brush your teeth after every meal as a way of taking care of braces.

Brushing your teeth ensures that you get rid of bacteria and food particles that may stick on the braces. Brushing regularly helps improve the oral hygiene. It helps do away with dental cavity and tooth decay.

Don’t take food that will damage the braces.

Food such as chewing gum and popcorn may damage the braces. When the braces are damaged it means the time that was taken to straighten the teeth was wasted. So to value your efforts of visiting the orthodontist kindly avoid taking foods that will damage your braces.

Do have a daily floss routine.

When we floss we remove the remaining food particles after brushing. This helps get rid of food particles completely thereby improving the oral health and the braces.

Don’t bite your nails.

Biting your nails will affect the braces by keeping the wires out of position.

Don’t miss your orthodontic appointment.

You should make regular visits to Luna Pediatric Dentistry for regular checkup. You will enjoy our services at pocket friendly cost. We will be waiting to interact with you and create a long lasting relationship. This information on braces dos and don’ts is good for healthy braces.

When in Texas or its environs, Luna Pediatric Dentistry doors are wide open. We are your loyal partner on matters oral health and more specific braces. Dr. Anu Wadivkar and Dr. Dzhuliya Servetnik together with the team will be ready to attend to you.

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