As the resident experts on braces in Richmond, TX, we often hear all sorts of rumors and myths about braces from kids nervous to go through the process. While it’s perfectly understandable to be nervous, there’s truly nothing to fear about braces. Allow us to debunk the myths and misconceptions about braces so that your child is put at ease before they enter our practice.

Braces Are Ugly and Bulky

Braces often get a bad reputation from a lot of children’s media. Modern braces, however, have become a lot more subtle and unobtrusive in comparison to the braces of the past. Smaller brackets and thinner wires are less noticeable and don’t make it any more difficult to speak or eat.

There Are No Alternatives

Of the many myths and misconceptions about braces, this one is relatively recent. Alternatives like InvisAlign used to be reserved for very mild cases, but since have improved and evolved to become a more viable option for more severe cases. If you truly think traditional braces are not for you or your child, then ask your orthodontist about alternatives like clear aligners.

Braces Are Very Painful

This is perhaps the most common fear when it comes to braces. While, yes, there will be discomfort and aching as your teeth and gums adjust to the braces and alter the position of your teeth, you will not be in constant, excruciating pain. After a short healing period and time to adjust, you’ll become used to your braces and won’t even notice them – much like how people adjust to new glasses.

Braces Interfere With Hobbies

A lot of people worry that braces will interfere with their hobbies, like sports or musical instruments. While it’s important to protect your braces from damage, your orthodontist won’t forbid you from playing sports. Instead, you’ll likely be advised to wear a mouthguard just in case. As for hobbies like musical instruments, that will simply be a matter of adjustment to your braces, but you’ll still be able to play.

Braces Are Only for Cosmetic Reasons

Braces give you more than a pretty smile. By aligning your teeth, it keeps your mouth in a healthy shape and prevents issues from arising that are caused or further exacerbated by crooked and misaligned teeth. For example, speech impediments or breathing issues are common as crooked teeth get in the way or interfere.

You Can Be Too Old for Braces

Braces aren’t just for kids and young teens. It’s perfectly normal for older teens or adults to get braces – whether it’s because they didn’t get them when they were younger or their teeth have shifted out of alignment once more. In fact, more and more adults are seeking clear aligners as an alternative to help correct minor issues with their teeth.