One of the processes to consider in a bid to restore a beautiful smile and confidence,in adults and kids is Invisalign. It is a treatment method used in dentistry practice whereby it involves using clear aligners. They gradually shift the position of the teeth to their right position. This is a method that has been proven to be effective, however it is surrounded by a number of side effects.
Some of the concerns surrounding this treatment include: Potential damage to the enamel because of excess tension of the aligners to the enamel. Moving the mis-aligned tooth to its position causes wear and tear. This can happen because of two reasons; one, if the aligners are not fixed correctly, and secondly if they do not fit well. Invisalign can cause tooth resorption
What is root resorption? It is whereby the root of the tooth under the aligners shortens due to the excess tension exerted on the tooth. It can also be caused by prolonged use of the treatment without proper medical supervision. Invisalign uses foreign materials of different nature, hence causing allergic reactions in some patients. These reactions come with other health discomforts such as gum irritation which in turn causes gum bleeding and even infections.

At Elara Orthodontics, we offer the best Invisalign treatment. The treatment’s most common challenge is poor planning when patients feel that their treatment plan is not comprehensive. Patients need a monitored treatment with an elaborate follow up. Lack of transparency about the treatment and the expected outcomes, also brings about concerns to the patients.

Understanding Invisalign treatment

The process of Invisalign treatment involves the following steps:
Consultation with an orthodontist where your teeth are assessed, and treatment goals are discussed.
Digital impressions using 3D imaging are taken to create a customised treatment plan.
After the treatment plan is finalised a series of clear custom-made aligners are fabricated for you. Periodic check-ups with your orthodontist to monitor progress during the treatment period.
After the treatment, retainers are worn to maintain the shape of the teeth. The benefit of using invisalign aligners is that they are clear and virtually invisible when worn, making them appealing to people who may be self-conscious about wearing metallic braces. Another advantage is that they are removable allowing you to eat and drink without restrictions.

Why is it different from braces?

In comparison to the traditional braces Invisalign treatment takes a shorter period of time. The treatment also caters for a variety of teeth problems like overbites, underbites, and crowded teeth. Invisalign aligners are removable which promotes oral hygiene as compared braces where food particles are stuck between brackets and wires. Both Invisalign treatment and traditional braces have an impact on the tooth’s health . As they enhance oral hygiene and correct orthodontic issues that cause cavities and gum diseases.

Potential Risks and Safeguards

Common concerns about Invisalign treatment and tooth damage include gum irritation or inflammation due to roughness of the aligner’s edges. Some patients may have allergic reactions. Materials used in the aligners while others experience uneven pressure on teeth due to discrepancies between the aligners and teeth.
In order to mitigate the risks concerns and ensure patients safety Elara orthodontics has put in place patient education. The plan is for patients’ education concerning their treatment options, expected outcomes and potential risks. Elara orthodontics only hires the best of the best, with proper training and qualifications. Based on the patient’s orthodontic issues a treatment plan is developed using advanced technologies such as digital impressions. Thorough consultations are done to ensure that patients receive personalised care tailored to their specific needs

Scientific Evidence and Patient Experiences

Several scientific studies have been done on the Invisalign treatment. The following key findings were obtained: The treatment has been found to be safe when performed by specialised orthodontists as low rates of adverse events have been observed. Multiple studies have also shown the effectiveness of the treatment in correcting orthodontic issues. Research suggests that results achieved with Invisalign can be maintained overtime with proper retention protocols
Gathering insights from patients, the treatment experience was very efficient from the consultations to the end of it. The frequent check-ups during the treatment in order to monitor how it was going made them feel safer and the fact that their concerns were being addressed with at most care thanks to the specialised orthodontists made their experience much better.

Promoting Tooth Health during Invisalign Treatment

In order to minimise the risk of tooth damage during treatment, patients practice good oral hygiene such as brushing teeth and flossing regularly. Following the orthodontist’s instruction on how to wear the aligners and their changing schedule while adhering to the treatment plan. Removal of the aligners’ during eating and drinking apart from water in order to avoid staining them and storing them in their case when not in use. Refraining from chewing on the 6 or using them to open bottles helps to avoid their breakage which compromises on their effectiveness and damages your teeth.


High levels of satisfaction with Invisalign are reported by patients citing factors like aesthetics, connivance and comfort as compared to traditional braces. The risk of tooth damage can be minimised by patients by following instructions given by our orthodontics and practising good oral hygiene. Advanced treatment planning allows for precise tooth movement with minimal risk of damage to teeth. Invisalign treatment has found effective in correcting orthodontic issues including underbites and overbites
Our commitment to our patients safety is enhanced by hiring qualified professionals who have been highly trained and educated. The advanced technology and treatment plans enhance patients’ comfort and treatment outcomes. Transparency in that we relay clear information about our treatment plans, expected outcomes and potential risks and by encouraging patients to voice any concerns they might have.For any concerns and consultation,contact us at Elara Orthodontics.