Ensuring you have a beautiful smile is but one of the jobs orthodontists are responsible for. When your teeth or jaw need correction, the orthodontists are whom your dentist will send you towards. However, you may still be wondering, why are orthodontics important? Here are three essential reasons why the orthodontist is so important for children and adults alike.

Early Intervention

For younger kids, seeing an orthodontist at an early age allows orthodontists to catch and begin correcting common issues that most kids go through. At the age of about seven years old, a child’s bones are still developing and thus are much more malleable and accepting of adjustment than an adult’s teeth would be. To this end, an orthodontist can begin guiding teeth into their correct positions and gradually adjust jaw issues with minimal pain and discomfort that your child may otherwise experience at an older age.

Jaw and Tooth Correction

Continuing on the topic of correcting teeth and jaws, a younger child will not often need braces and other corrective gear, but teens and older children will. Braces are something that most people go through in their lifetimes as their permanent teeth grow in. These teeth often grow crooked, crowded, and out of place without guidance, so an orthodontist must make corrections and properly apply gear like braces.

As an added bonus, a healthy mouth improves self-confidence, as many people develop anxiety over their teeth if they don’t grow in right. However, many teens also become self-conscious with their braces. Thus, orthodontists become more essential, as they can offer other options like Invisalign for a less intrusive experience.

Orthodontic Maintenance

So, while the importance of orthodontics is more apparent in children and teens, adults often question why orthodontics is important, bringing us to the third essential reason. While adults may think they’ve done their time with braces, retainers, and more, it’s still a good idea to visit an orthodontist to ensure your progress has not reverted or changed as you age. In fact, orthodontics has seen a rise in adult patients as they desire a healthier and professional smile that a regular dentist can’t provide.

If you need an orthodontist in Richmond, Texas, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you make the most of your smile so that you can live healthy and confident.