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In-Ovation® R

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In-Ovation R Presents a Revolutionary Technology

Because of the rapid advancement in the field of orthodontics, patients now have many options that may present suitable alternatives to braces, such as In-Ovation R. This is a revolutionary treatment option that could be right for some patients and alleviate many of the side effects that patients may find unpleasant about traditional braces.

In-Ovation R System Treatment

With traditional braces, patients rely on the bracket and the wires to produce the pressure and force that is necessary to remodel the bone and move the teeth into a proper position. With this In-Ovation R system, there is a free-sliding technology that helps shift the teeth gradually without relying on the bulky metal wires and brackets. This new technology can actually move the teeth without placing pressure on them, meaning that teeth will glide gently into position over time without the discomfort that patients feel after getting the wires tightened.


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Patient Comfort is Prioritized

This new system has been put together in a fashion that will save patients the discomfort of traditional braces. All of the brackets in the system have been meticulously engineered without overlooking a single detail. This means that the treatment and procedure produces less pain and less discomfort which translates into less time spent at the office and more time spent doing the things that patients enjoy. This is a treatment option that has been tailored to suit the lifestyle of the patient while still providing patients with the smile of their dreams.

Significant Advantages over Traditional Braces

These revolutionary Damon braces have a number of advantages over the traditional metal braces. These include clear brackets that make them blend in with the tooth enamel, a significantly faster treatment time that shaves months off of the treatment protocol, fewer office visit for adjustments, less pressure and discomfort, and less friction on the enamel of the teeth. This means that patients will not have to worry as much about erosion of their teeth during the treatment process. Furthermore, bacterial accumulation is less of a worry with Damon braces due to fewer surfaces for colonization.

Self-Ligation and Sliding Technology

With the In-Ovation R system, patients now have multiple treatment options to choose from when deciding how best to achieve the smile that they desire. It is important for patients to meet with an oral health professional to discuss all of the treatment options available to them. This will allow patients to learn about the pros and cons of all of the options and select the right treatment option to fit their needs and goals. Contact an orthodontist today to schedule an appointment. It will move patients one step closer to their dreams.


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