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The Damon Smile Braces

The world of orthodontics is a rapidly changing place with new treatment options reaching the open market all the time. These new options present patients with an alternative to traditional braces and could be right for some patients. One of these newer treatment options is called Damon Smile braces and patients should learn more about this revolutionary treatment option before making any decisions.

What are Damon Smile Braces?

Braces have been around for years; however, there have been significant advances in the field of braces in recent times. Damon braces are appliances that are fitted in the same fashion as the traditional, metal braces; however, these braces are self-ligating and save patients a significant amount of discomfort. The Damon braces rely on a revolutionary sliding mechanism that connects the brackets with the wires. This means that the teeth move in a more natural manner with the teeth as they move and align. This new mechanism means that patients do not have the same discomfort that they have with regular braces.


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A Revolutionary Mechanism

Unlike traditional braces, the Damon braces use a new sliding mechanism to place teeth in the proper position. The braces connect to something called a memory wire that joins the slide brackets in a new manner that doesn’t rely on pressure that the elastics of traditional braces require. The sliding mechanism memory wire moves the teeth gradually and tightens as the teeth align over time. Using this mechanism, less force is required to move the teeth than traditional braces. This means that patients will feel more comfortable as their smile aligns.

Significant Advantages over Traditional Braces

These revolutionary Damon braces have a number of advantages over the traditional metal braces. These include clear brackets that make them blend in with the tooth enamel, a significantly faster treatment time that shaves months off of the treatment protocol, fewer office visit for adjustments, less pressure and discomfort, and less friction on the enamel of the teeth. This means that patients will not have to worry as much about erosion of their teeth during the treatment process. Furthermore, bacterial accumulation is less of a worry with Damon braces due to fewer surfaces for colonization.

Proper Care is Still Required

When people are thinking about using the Damon Smile braces, they need to remember that these are still braces that require the same type of care as traditional braces. Patients must brush and floss regularly, being certain to clean every surface of the teeth and the brackets. Furthermore, patients should remember that they still need to stick with a certain diet while the braces are in place. For more information, contact an oral health professional to schedule an appointment. Every patient must find the treatment that best suits their needs.


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