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Oral Hygiene

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Proper Oral Hygiene is a Vital Part of Braces Care

Once people understand that they need to think about their diet carefully when the braces are on, they next need to think about how they are going to take care of braces from an oral hygiene perspective. Just because a food doesn’t pose an acute threat to the braces of teeth underneath doesn’t mean it can’t do damage in the long term. Patients with braces (and their parents if the patient is a minor) need to think about the brushing, flossing, and tooth preservation techniques that are a vital part of making sure that the teeth sparkle when the braces are removed.

Brushing Techniques are a Vital Part of Oral Hygiene

When children are taught how to brush their teeth during their formative years, they are instructed to brush all surfaces of the teeth. This advice is just as true when the braces are on; however, there are now additional surfaces that have been added by the brackets. Patients need to brush after every meal and ensure that they are brushing all surfaces of both the teeth and the brackets. This is where food tends to hide after eating. In addition, patients should only brush a couple teeth at a time to ensure each tooth receives proper care.


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Flossing Follows the Brushing

Patients are taught to floss regularly as well; however, the brackets and the wires can make flossing a challenge with traditional floss. That is why patients need to invest in floss threaders. These threaders have an added hard tip that will prevent the floss from bending as it is forced under the wire where it can reach the teeth. While this will require an added amount of time to the routine, it is vital to ensuring that food doesn’t get stuck between the teeth or brackets where it can cause cavities.

Hygiene is a Vital Part of the Braces Process

Having braces on isn’t all about tightening the wires and moving the teeth. It is also about making sure that the teeth sparkle when the braces come off. Without proper oral hygiene, cavities can form underneath the brackets and wires that cannot be addressed until the braces come off. Proper brushing, flossing, and fluoride can help prevent these problems from developing. For more information regarding how to take care of teeth with braces, patients should contact an oral health professional today to schedule an appointment. Professionals are standing by to answer questions.

Fluoride is Friendly

Finally, patients should definitely consider adding a fluoride treatment to their oral hygiene regimen. Fluoride has been widely accepted as a powerful adjunct treatment that can help protect the teeth from developing cavities while the braces are in place. Fluoride adds a protective layer that helps to fend off the bacteria and germs that consume the sugar left behind in teeth. These bacteria produce acid that leads to cavities. Fluoride can provide a powerful defense against this acid and help patients have beautiful teeth when the braces are removed.


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