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Eating With Braces

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Preserve the Braces with Proper Foods: Eating with Braces

While people have their braces on, it is vital that they take care of them. This process starts with learning about eating with braces. It won’t take people long to realize that eating with braces can be a difficult challenge because of the physical obstruction that the brackets and wires can cause. This will be made clear when people go to clean their braces and find fragments of food stuck in various locations throughout the braces; however, there are some other important diet tips

Avoid Sticky Foods when Eating with Braces

The foods that are challenging to get off of teeth without braces are going to be more challenging once the braces are placed. For example, people know that after they eat gummy candy it can be difficult to get this off of their teeth, particularly if it gets stuck between the teeth. Now, think about what will happen if this gets stuck under a wire or beneath a bracket. This could be next to impossible to remove and can create cavities under the wires and the brackets. Avoid sticky foods.


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Hard Foods can Damage the Brackets and Wires

While the brackets have been bonded in place with cement, this doesn’t make them invincible. Ultimately, they are still held in place with a small amount of cement that could get knocked off. When people bite into hard foods, it is possible that the food could directly impact the brackets themselves, knocking them off. They could also impact the wires, breaking them in two. Therefore, people need to think carefully about the density of the food that they eat. Hard foods have the potential to damage the brackets and wires.

Liquid Sugary Drinks are to be Avoided

It isn’t just the damage to the brackets and the stickiness of the food that people need to worry about. When people consume drinks that are packed with sugar, they may not realize that the sugar in the drinks is inundating the mouth with sugar that can get trapped under the brackets and wires. This sugar may go unseen; however, it can do some major damage to the teeth underneath the brackets and wires because it is challenging to clean under these locations and remove the sugar itself. It could lead to cavities on the other side.


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