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Braces Emergency

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A Variety of Braces Emergencies

Once patients get into the groove of living with their braces, they start to think about what kind of braces emergencies may warrant the immediate attention of an orthodontic professional. The definition of an orthodontic emergency with braces is one that poses an immediate threat to the safety of the patient or jeopardizes the efficacy of the treatment. With this definition in mind, there are a few emergencies with braces that patients should keep an eye out for.

Broken Brackets or Wires

Without a doubt, this is one of the emergencies that patients should watch out for. The treatment only works because every bracket is in place with the wire providing the pressure and tension that is necessary to move the teeth along. If a bracket is broken, one of the teeth is not receiving this force. If a wire is broken, an entire row of teeth is not moving. This can quickly throw the treatment off and extend the time that braces will be in place. Furthermore, they can slice open the mouth and cause significant damage and bleeding.


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A Poking Wire

If a wire has come loose from the bracket, this is a different type of emergency. The wire may not be doing its job because it has come loose from the proper location; however, a poking wire can also do damage to the soft tissues of the mouth. A poking wire has the potential to damage the side of the cheek, the gums, or even the roof of the mouth depending on the direction it is protruding. If patients feel like their wire is poking them in the mouth, they should return to the orthodontist immediately to have this addressed.

Loose Bands

Patients will have bands placed on their molars in the back of their teeth to allow for proper wire placement and force along a challenging surface; however, these bands can come loose for a myriad of reasons. If the bands start to come loose, the molars will not move with the rest of the teeth and the loose bands can become a choking hazard. Patients may start to feel loose bands if they feel movement between their back teeth or if they feel something sticking up from the surface. Have any loose bands taken care of immediately.

Other Common Dental Braces Emergencies

While those are some of the most common braces emergencies, there are also other emergencies that range from injuries with braces, swallowing parts of the braces, breaking retainers, and even loose expanders. If any of these problems arise, it is important for patients to call and make an appointment to have these emergencies addressed. It could make a difference in both the safety of the patient and the success of the treatment when the braces are finally removed. Don’t wait on an emergency with braces, schedule an appointment immediately.


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