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Retainer Check-ups

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Preserve the Work of Braces with Retainer Check-ups

Once patients have a retainer that has been made to fit their mouth, they will start to develop a routine of wearing it; however, because the initial months after the braces are removed are the months that are most prone to having teeth shift, it is important for patients to come in for their regularly scheduled retainer check-ups. These are important appointments because they will allow the orthodontist an opportunity to make sure that the retainer is doing its job.

The Teeth are Susceptible to Moving Early

When the braces are removed, patients usually have a week or two before the retainer is made and placed in the mouth for the first time. When the retainer is placed in the mouth, patients may feel a certain degree of tightness. This is because the teeth have already moved slightly during the week or two without the retainer. While the teeth are in a proper alignment, they are not in their natural position. The teeth are prone to moving back to this natural position and do most of their movement during the first few months. The goal of the retainer is to prevent this.


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The Retainer Checkup is Typically a Short Appointment

Unlike the braces appointments which were fairly long to allow for adjustment of the wires and brackets, the retainer check appointments are typically quick. The orthodontist is going to look at the position of the teeth to make sure that they haven’t moved since the braces had been removed. The orthodontist will also evaluate the retainer to make sure that it is fitting properly and that the retainer is clean. If any complications have developed, they can be addressed at this appointment. If the teeth have shifted, this will be handled at this time as well.

How Long Must Patients Keep Returning for these Appointments?

The number and timing of the appointments will vary slightly from practice to practice as each professional has their own set of dates that they prefer to see patients; however, most patients will return for their first checkup around a month after having the retainer placed for the first time. After this, patients may show up at three months, six months, and 12 months after the retainer was placed. Patients can certainly return more often if a concern arise with their retainer or their teeth.

The Check Appointments Keep the Teeth Straight

These appointments will also give the oral health professional the opportunity to make sure that the retainer is being worn as the patient was instructed to. If the teeth are starting to shift, this could undo all of the hard work that went into having the braces placed and cared for in the first place. Therefore, it is crucial for patients to return for their retainer check-ups has scheduled. Patients should call today to schedule an appointment about these appointments and how they preserve the work of braces.


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