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Removing The Braces

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The Process of Removing the Braces

Once the orthodontist believes that the teeth have reached their proper alignment in their final resting place, the process of removing the braces can begin. While most patients are familiar with the mild discomfort that comes with having the braces placed and having the wires tightened, the process of taking the braces off is a relatively painless procedure. In fact, it is important for the oral health professional to be careful when taking the brackets off to ensure that the appliances aren’t damaged.

The Process of Removing the Braces Starts with the Brackets

In order to remove the brackets that have been bonded to the teeth, the orthodontist is going to have to fight through the adhesive that was used to keep the brackets from falling off during the duration of the treatment. This process involves squeezing the base of the bracket to the point that the bracket actually deforms slightly. By bending the bracket, the adhesive on the back of the bracket will become unhinged. This will allow for the bracket to be removed. The process is repeated for each bracket.


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Removal of Adhesive is Next

After the brackets have been taken off, the orthodontist will need to remove the adhesive that was left behind when the brackets were taken off. This is done with a dental hard piece that is similar to the instrument used in the primary dentist’s office. As the adhesive is being removed, care will be taken to ensure that there aren’t any cavities underneath the brackets and the adhesive. This is a painless process; however, if cavities are spotted, they will need to be filled. This is why taking care of the brackets during the life of the braces is important.

Some People May Feel Mild Discomfort

It is possible that patients could have some mild soreness in their teeth as the braces are coming off; however, this isn’t anything like the discomfort that is felt after the braces are tightened during an adjustment appointment. While the brackets are being squeezed, it may place a little bit of stress on the tooth that may cause patients to feel sore. Once the adhesive is gone, patients may feel like their teeth are slimy and the gum tissue could be slightly inflamed. This will fade with time and proper oral care.

Removal of the Braces is the Last Step

During the life of the treatment, patients have placed a significant amount of work into making sure that their teeth look beautiful on the other side. The process of removing the braces should be viewed as a culmination of all of this hard work. Patients who have questions about what happens when the braces are moved should contact an orthodontist to schedule an appointment. Once the braces come off, patients will be able to look in the mirror and marvel at their sparkling white smile that came from their investment.


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